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It is hard to have a beautiful smile when Your teeth are damaged or You are missing one of them. Besides aesthetic flaws, function of the whole orofacial system is compromised. It is difficult to chew, talk, breath and swallow. When some teeth are missing, the other ones could set loose or move to empty space, which compromises the whole system and makes hard prosthetic care that comes later. Long lasting edentulism could cause loss of jawbone, disorder of jaw relationships, and disorders in jaw joint, as well.
By analysis of remaining teeth and their supporting device, bone condition and general health condition of a patient, and by consulting with our team of dentists specialists, we offer You many solutions for Your problem.

Production of metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

Bridges and crowns are fixed prosthetic works, which means that they are cemented on Your remaining teeth and so are fixed. They fulfill the highest aesthetic demands and in the most adequate way they transfer chewing pressure, and completely bring back function to Your jaw. A period of adaption and getting used to this work is short and patients accept them quickly as a component of their organism. Adequately done dental crown will prolong lifetime of Your tooth in most of the cases, when abilities for repairing with fillings are gone.

If some tooth is missing, and there are teeth that would be convenient carriers of prosthesis, a problem could be solved with production of metal-ceramic bridge. A base of the metal-ceramic crown is a metal skullcap which covers Your sanded stump, and on it is applied high-quality ceramics. Method and technology of production enable resistance in specific conditions of oral cavity and high aesthetic effect for many years, with proper maintenance and regular control. A patient gets finished work when all of the functional and aesthetic demands are satisfied.

Production of non-metal crowns and bridges

By following contemporary flows, we can completely answer to highest world standards of aesthetic dentistry.

Crowns and bridges made out of non-metal ceramics own the transparency of the natural tooth, which is not a case with the other prosthesis.

Besides that, unlike the metal-ceramic crowns where the grey line appears in time on the edge of gums due to their receding, with non-metal crowns, this will not happen. On the contrary, because of the biocompatibility of this material, gingiva will strive to fulfill voids between teeth and Your smile will get youthful appearance, and Your face will shine.

Production of combined prosthesis

Sometimes it is not possible to make a quality fixed work because number and layout of remaining teeth is not convenient. If there are contraindications for the installation of implants, to create conditions for production of fixed work, there is a possibility of making combined prosthesis, which will enable satisfying aesthetics and function, preserving remaining teeth.

Combined work means a bridge fixed on Your teeth and skeleton denture that compensates missing teeth.

Total dentures

A modern dentistry is based on preventive, and the final goal is to keep teeth, their function and aesthetics. Loss of all teeth carries with itself various problems.
Before all, chewing is disabled, and with that normal digestion also, therefore many ailments appear in digestive tract, which affects general health condition. Breathing is, also, difficult. A disorder of interjaw relationships, which is a following symptom of teeth loss, brings changes on jaw joint.

Aesthetics of edentulous patients is seriously violated, lower third of face reduces, angle of lips falls down, and nasolabial wrinkles get deeper. Besides health and aesthetic loss, it is proven that a loss of teeth causes psychological problems as well, from withdrawal to deep depression.Production of total denture requires knowledge, experience, and before all, devotion of dentists and dental technicians to reconstruct a complete shape and to help patient to get used to this compensation.

Partial plate dentures

A loss of smaller or bigger number of teeth is necessary to compensate. A modern technology offers various solutions, from implants, to fixed or combined prosthesis. A general health condition, condition of remaining teeth and their support device, and a condition of jawbone, as well, dictate type of prosthesis. Unfortunately, financial situation of a patient can also represent an important factor in planning prosthetic therapy. If, for any reason, is not possible to make fixed or combined prosthesis, we offer You a possibility of making partial plate dentures, which represent correct functional and aesthetic solution for Your problem.

Our dentists recommend partial plate denture as a temporary solution, while conditions for production of fixed or combined prosthesis are gained. Advantage of this compensation is the fact that it is pretty cheap. If it is correctly done, partial plate denture, as a temporary solution, is necessary for preserving interjaw relationships, it prevents moving or remaining teeth towards empty space, and with good part it gives back function to toothless jaws, and aesthetics is satisfying.

Partial skeleton dentures

Speaking in professional language, partial skeleton denture is maximally reduced mobile prosthesis for a certain type of edentulism. This means that if there are not conditions or indications for the production of prosthesis, this is the most quality choice of the therapy for the solution of the problem of edentulism.

This is a mobile compensation, so it is not fixed on Your teeth, but it is removable, mostly because of maintaining oral hygiene.
It is contained of metal base, which carries acrylic part with artificial teeth and retention elements which hold compensation on the available teeth.

Composite fillings

Composite filling considers applying material on front – visible side, front teeth in the first place, because of correction of their color, shape or position (and their mutual relationship). Here is, primarily, a word about cosmetic intervention, that for a final goal has achieving more beautiful look of teeth. That is why for fillings are used aesthetic materials – composites and ceramics.


Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. The resulting effect is much better in regard to previous condition of teeth, and with this a completely natural look of teeth can be achieved. By filling teeth is accomplished aesthetic effect that every patient wants – brighter teeth. Teeth can be corrected by veneering, in sense that they get volume and color, but regarding size of the teeth, that considers applying composite materials sometimes even on cutting edges of front teeth.

Filling with composite materials belongs to a group of direct restorations, which means that they are done in only one visit, directly on teeth. Lasting of composite fillings, with proper maintenance of teeth and mouth hygiene is evaluated from 5 to 7 years. Namely, material is “used up”, especially in places of adhesion in contact with bottom teeth so it is necessary to do occasional corrections of composite fillings.

Ceramic veneers

Whether it is about slightly changed teeth position or changed color, these aesthetic flaws could be recovered by the appliance of ceramic veneers, which give extraordinary results.
According to a model that was obtained from tooth print outpouring of a patient, veneers are made with the help of a computer, which not only provides the most accurate measures possible, but it also injects ceramics and in such a way gives the most possible precision in veneer modeling.

Special value of this method is in the fact that its appliance doesn’t require aggressive grinding of teeth, but taking off only very thin layer of tooth enamel. With veneers is actually changed natural teeth enamel, so in that way could be changed teeth color or made a smaller correction of position, size and general look of teeth.



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