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Composite fillings – White fillings

White fillings, that is fillings that imitate a color of tooth represent confident materials that we can rely on, and to give a patient beauty and continuance. Continuous work on the improvement and development of aesthetic (white) fillings has almost completely repressed the so-called black or amalgam fillings.

Composite restoration (white filling)
A preparation of cavity and application of restoration represents one of the most common medical interventions, and the reason for that is a large presence of tooth decay. A process contains from removing carious tooth tissue with mechanical dental instruments, and after that setting adequate restoration in the cavity.

Restoration of treated teeth with composite build ups

When the tooth is treated, it is much more weak than vital teeth so it could easily crack. The reason of the tooth weakness is a lack of dental tissue, which is damaged by tooth decay or trauma, but also because by getting the nerve out, metabolism got disturbed, so the remained tissue becomes lean.

We make an effort to strengthen the treated tooth with adequate methods, and by the appliance of aesthetic restorations to replace the dental hard tissue that is missing, so that the tooth gets back its function, taking care of maximum aesthetics.

Endodontic tooth treatment (dental treatment)

If there is an inflammation of tissue inside the tooth (dental nerve) in the middle of infection, trauma or tooth decay, the tooth needs a treatment. Usually the symptom that shows that something is not okay is the pain, and if it lasts it brings a patient to a dentist. Treating teeth demands dedication of a dentist, but also of a patient, because it is necessary to visit the office more times.

A policy of our office is to do everything so that the nerve disease doesn’t happen, but if it happens anyway, we will try to keep the tooth with minimum number of visits, using contemporary knowledge, materials and technology in the combination with the experience of leading experts from this area of dentistry.

Ultrasound removal of concrements (tooth decay) and pigmentations

Ultrasound removal of concrements and pigmentations is a painless method that is necessary to do at least once in 6 months. After that is done polishing with the high abrasive polish tooth paste and the rotating tooth brush so that the formation of tooth decay would slow down.

Sandblasting for teeth

A professional teeth cleaning represents selective removal of soft and hard dental deposits and pigmentations from the teeth, whereby a special attention is given to those surfaces which are usually neglected during the cleaning by patient. Hard dental deposits (tartar) is removed with the ultrasound device. Soft dental deposits, pigmentation, stains from wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes, are removed by the system AIR-FLOW in modern dentistry.


 Most often, we find pigmentations on smokers’ and on teeth of those who drink lots of colored beverages such as coffee and tea.

They are very hard to remove with a brush and classic ultrasound technique of removing tartar on teeth. They appear as dark brown to black stains on the teeth surface, most intensively on gums and on those places which are hard to reach for maintaining hygiene. A procedure is called sandblasting for teeth. This is, practically, a detox therapy of the whole lower oral cavity, it is done with a special device designed to throw out, under strong pressure, gas particles (sodium bicarbonate with different tastes, lemon, strawberry…) and water on surface and between every tooth.
Treatment that is painless, pleasant and harmless for a patient and its teeth. After this procedure, teeth get smoother, brighter, cleaner, and their color is whiter for one shade. In our office we recommend this procedure to everyone who wants to make their breath fresher.

Removal of periodontal pockets

With constant destruction of tissue between teeth and gums, are created the so-called pockets, in which piles up pus and deposits a special type of tartar. These pockets are the cause of further destruction of tissue around teeth so that in the age of 30 or 40, begins teeth oscillation.
A sign that the disease has made progress is looseness and a change of position of teeth in the jaw. Teeth get crooked or moved apart. When teeth are loose enough, usually they fall our spontaneously, and some of them must be pulled. Bad hygiene of mouth and teeth is another factor that helps the development of periodontitis.

Periodontitis can be prevented by proper hygiene of mouth and teeth. Washing teeth means brush that lasts for 3 minutes with a quality brush in the direction of teething. Also, removal of tartar is very important.
In the treatment of periodontitis, the most important thing is the removal of periodontal pockets. Removal is done with surgical or nonsurgical procedures, and within those procedures, today, are used artificial bone implants that are called artificial bone.
Patients endure these operations very well, even better than teeth extractions. A result of the treatment, with a good part, depends on the patient who maintains the result of a surgery with proper hygiene of mouth and teeth.



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